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Consecrated by Satan

by Hatemagick



Vocal sample is from the classic 1960 movie "Black Sunday" directed by Mario Bava.


Consecrated by Satan
This is the time of Satan
this is the age of Demons
Consecrated by Satan


released May 14, 2022




Hatemagick Norway

Music for the chosen ones.

Words of Power: Shammash
Dark keys: Pazuzu
Drums: Shub-Niggurath
Master of Propaganda: The illustrous queen Inanna
Manager: The horrible Nyarlathotep

Norway’s answer to industrial EBM music.
Inspired by artists such as Die Sektor, Aslan Faction and Asphyxia.

May the power of Hatemagick then be with you.

All hail Hatemagick!
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